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We’re on a mission to develop and deliver meaningful digital products, web applications with better user experience, tailored software, and relevant company digitalization.

Working with us means

You speed things up

We use internal processes to develop your product faster and effectively adjust it to market in real time.

It’s easier to have trust

You will get complete visibility of the project’s progress and timescales, at a fixed price where possible.

An increased flexibility

Our working model is flexible and can easily be adjusted as your company grows or your business pivots.


Scaling and accelerating

We create custom technology honed to your market’s specific needs, which will result in increased revenue.


You’re in good hands

Unlike off-the-shelf software, our custom ones are very reliable and designed with high security in mind.

Support every step of the way

Benefit from dedicated support and maintenance around the clock to minimize any negative outcome.

Core services


Custom software development

We launch scalable & responsive software solutions to drive revenue, saving you time, and reducing long-term costs.


Business analysis

To make informed decisions that drive results, you need to understand your market and business environment in depth.

Cloud computing

Change the face of your business, taking full advantage of cloud features, such as dynamic scaling, durability, and high availability.


IT process management

Using a systematic approach to align business processes with strategic goals, we make sure that you scale-up.


Project management

Leave it to us – the assessing, the planning, the execution, and communication between stakeholders. We have your back.

Quality assurance

We make sure that you will release a bug-free digital product, under the required standards of performance and security.

You decide what your business needs. We make it happen.

With years of experience in developing custom software solutions, we are confident we can meet any challenge and create a software solution that revolutionizes your business.

We worked with many providers over the years, but Techwise was able to deliver a high-quality product and work around the clock, understanding our challenges and adapting to our internal processes.

– Andrei Chiosea

If I were to pinpoint one word for our experience working with Techwise that is flexibility. I really appreciated that they were willing to go an extra mile and deliver what we needed.

– Ileana Horhocea

I am very pleased with the level of service they provided and liked working with them – they were organized, explained things so that I could understand them and were open to accommodate my ideas.

– George Samoilă

"It was not an easy job, we had to adapt, change, and tune in along the way, but they were up to the task."

– Filip Buzatu

Techwise Software was the second company we tried to work with on a quite complex internal application. We started working with them at a point where we almost lost hope that our project would see the light of day. They were very professional, easy to communicate with and open to finding solutions.

– Andreea Filimon

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Microsot Certified Professional Developer

Web applications

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

Web applications, Service communication, Data access

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