We believe…

that even the most complex problems can be solved through great design, smart code, and thorough tests.

Our mission

  • Offer personalized, affordable services, built on trust
  • Empower businesses through technology
  • Simplify complex processes and workflows
  • Create meaningful user experiences

Our values





High security


Meet the founder

Andrei Iacob

It began with a HC91 computer. I wrote the first code and since then I knew that this is what I was going to do for my whole life. It’s not just passion, but a mere mission to create software that brings a positive impact.  After years of working in different IT companies and corporations, I started my own software company in 2019, alongside a great team of professionals. I realized how both large and small companies need what is often lacking in the software ecosystem – affordable solutions that increase efficiency, productivity and solve complex problems through technology, faster and with more flexibility.